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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  March 2, 2011 5:00am-6:05am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. a wet windy ride for your wednesday morning commute. this is a live look at lucky drive in marin county. already reports of flooding on some bay area roads. could be unlucky drive new don't keep your hands on the wheel. just how much rain we're expected to get in the next few hours. i think it's good that they scrimp. >> plus, pg&e in the hot seat for day two of the san bruno explosion hearings. the mistakes made in the moments after the blast. and good morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. it is wednesday, the second day of march. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat, just turned 5:00. happy wednesday, everybody. i guess you don't need me to tell you, unless you haven't been outside yet, folks, it's raining and raining a lot. let's kick it over to lawrence karnow with a peek at what's in store for wednesday. kind of messy? >> yeah, pretty messy.
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you may have heard winds in the bay area. it was blowing pretty hard early on. still seeing some winds strong at least along the north coast but we are getting reports of gusts 27, 35 miles per hour around the bay area. and the rain continues to fall in spots. you can see a pretty good cell now making its way east of alameda into the oakland hills towards san leandro. more of that rain going to become more spotty through the morning hours as it looks like the main cold front pulling on through kind of falling apart as it moves by. so we are going to see the showers out there. be very careful on the roads. as the front moves through it will bring with it gusty winds early on and the showers then behind that, not so bad, becoming more widely scattered out there but you head out the door this morning, we are looking at a lot of rain early- morning on, some gusty winds in spots, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. by the afternoon some sunshine and occasional showers but more storms on the horizon. we'll talk about that in a bit. right now let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. let's go live out towards the south bay. here's a look at 101 traffic. this is near the alum rock exit. the rain causing kind of a halo
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effect on those headlights as they head up towards santa clara. we have seen reports of downtown trees in the santa cruz mountains, standing water at lucky drive where it usually floods in marin. better news in san mateo county. on the maps, they just cleared the scene of this overturn accident. they had to do a one-way traffic control for a while. highway 92 near 35. but again, they recovered that vehicle all lanes re-opened. now, we are dealing with a couple of high wind advisories including one here for the bay bridge. and all across the span heading into san francisco wet and messy start to the morning commute. we'll have much more coming up. back to you. >> thank you. time now 5:02. drivers in the north bay are dealing with flooding this morning. and anne makovec is in marin county with a look at some of the road conditions there. nothing like rain duty, huh? >> reporter: oh, yeah. you know, the one good thing about rain duty this week is that it's a little warmer out here than it was last week.
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and we have been talking a lot about the winds this morning. you can tell from my hair, not moving around a whole lot. but the winds have really died down, but they could pink later. the main problem highway 101 northbound at lucky drive, check it out. slash! yeah. water in the roadway. and the rain actually just as i speak starting to pick up here. taking a look at some video we shot over the past half hour a lot of cars splashing through here. this is a sign here along highway 101 warning drivers of the flooding and a lot of the drivers that are commuting at this time are used to this. this area is below sea level and so it is a place that sees a lot of flooding especially when we see a lot of rain in a short period of time. that is what we saw overnight especially around 9:00, midnight, there was about a half inch that fell all at one time. and that has pooled up here again along highway 101. so that is something that we think that everybody should be aware of as well as the wind. i know elizabeth mentioned that there is a wind advisory out
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for the bay bridge, as well as the san mateo bridge. even though the winds have died down significantly, they could be picking up as the rain just had. i had to go with the hood here, frank. >> it's a nice look. [ laughter ] >> thanks. >> you got -- it's called survival. [ laughter ] >> function. function always when you're talking in the rain. anne makovec live in marin county, thank you, anne. it is 5:04. it is day two of the special public hearing into the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno last year. testimony getting under way, oh, in about an hour on capitol hill. christin ayers is in our newsroom now with yesterday's testimony and reaction from residents in san bruno. christin, good morning. reporter: good morning. pg&e officials wrapped up their testimony about the blast yesterday with some disturbing details about the response to the explosion and why it took them an hour and a half to shut off the gas. pg&e engineers admitted in sworn testimony before the national transportation safety board that they originally sent
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the wrong man to the explosion to turn off the gas. and to make matters worse, the company had rejected installing automatic or shutoff valves that engineers admitted could have stopped the flow of gas after the explosion in 15 minutes flat. instead, workers had to shut the gas off by hand, which took close to 90 minutes. >> let me put it this way: would it take 60 minutes to 90 minutes for a remote valve to close? >> no. >> would it take 30 minutes for a remote valve to close? >> no. >> would it take 15 minutes for a remote valve to close? >> uhm....... >> once the decision had been made to activate that valve works it take 15 minutes for that valve to close? >> uhm....... yes, we could shut off the valve sooner. >> now, some san bruno residents we spoke to were infuriated by that testimony. they told me they would be watching the testimony closely over the next few days and said
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they were frustrated at what they called vague and evasive answers from pg&e. they say the utility company needs to be held accountable. >> absolutely criminal. how many people died? how is that not a criminal act? and not only that, it was actually a premeditated. they had the choice to do the right thing and they chose not to. >> reporter: representatives from the city of san bruno will take the stand later today at this hearing in the nation's capital and again, testimony will get started in just about an hour. >> all right, thank you, christin ayers in the cbs 5 newsroom. and we want to let you know we do have complete coverage of the san bruno explosion hearings including a photo gallery and interview with the pipeline safety expert. it's one of the top stories at 5:06 there were witnesses or police not might have believed it. a wild ride for manteca woman.
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she held on the outside of her husband's speeding minivan 42 miles from their home in manteca all the way to pleasanton. saturday night they had an argument. when he got in his minivan to leave, the wife jumped on the hood and he didn't stop racing down the freeway at 100 miles an hour while she held on to the windshield wipers. she told a sacramento television station, he was on drugs. >> you could see your husband as he was driving? >> yes? >> could he see you? >> yes. >> what was the look in his eye? what was he thinking? >> he looked crazy. that man that was driving was not my husband. he was taken over by the meth. >> witnesses helped mrs. carroll when she finally let go after that van slowed down in pleasanton after 42 miles. she was treated for hypothermia and severe scratches. christopher carroll is in jail this morning. >> wow. well, a woman in the north
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bay facing dui charges after she lost control of her suv with her three young kids inside the car. the car slammed into a guardrail last night and rolled down an embankment on laughlin road near the sonoma county airport. the woman and two of her children ages 4 and 6 all thrown from the car. chp officers rescued a 2-year- old trapped inside a car seat. one of the children was airlifted to oakland's children's hospital. the conditions are not known at this time. right now in libya, forces loyal to leader moammar qaddafi trying to take back control of parts of the country from anti- government forces. much of the fighting centered around an oil facility in eastern libya. witnesses say qaddafi supporters regained the area earlier today but the fighting continues. meanwhile, two u.s. warships have gone through the suez canal and are now in the mediterranean on the way to libya. it is 5:08. an east bay county taking action after two teens drowned in a rafting accident. >> what's being done to call
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attention to a dangerous creek. >> and it's the sequel everyone is talking about today. we are answering the biggest question about the ipad 2 coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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sunnyd is giving away a prize a day for a hundred days at if you are headed out the door, a little stormy around parts of the bay area. this cell in east bay and danville. heavy rain expected with that system. your forecast is coming up. all this recent stormwater is great news for the water supply here. the latest snowpack survey shows it's 128% of normal. state appears to be on track to meet peak demand for the summer. >> many of the reservoirs can start to increase their storage. in other words, they can --
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they start to lift the flood control restriction. it's turning out to be a much better year than would normally expect from a la nina. >> a month from now on april 1, the snowpack should be at its miest for the year. and we'll have a better idea then if this snow all this rain is enough. contra costa county looking into the dangers of its 73-mile canal system after two teens were killed rafting down the walnut creek channel last month. the board of supervisors is developing ways to remind the public that those canals are designed for flood control, not recreation. options include more aggressive signs and additional fencing. new this morning, san jose police are now facing a wrongful death lawsuit. it stems from a deadly police shooting on mother's day in 2009. the suit claims officers made numerous mistakes including provoking the suspect who was mentally ill.
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daniel pham threatened police, investigators say, with a knife. they were originally called to the home because pham allegedly slashed his brother's throat. 5:12. getting a little help from your facebook friends. the big boost facebook can give to yourself esteem. >> plus, the ipad 2 about to launch. how much it will cost, the new features and what's expected from steve jobs. is he going to show up? cnet's kara tsuboi is next with the low down on the latest launch. stay with us. >> and we are dealing withstanding water and high winds. a check of bay area bridges right after the break. ,,,,,, 3q
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year's pipeline explosion that ki e in san bruno in the headlines, the public hearing on last year's deadly pipeline explosion that killed 8 people in san bruno continues in about 45 minutes in washington. automatic shutoff valves were a major issue yesterday. pg&e says it is committed to expanding the use of those valves. a new warning today from libyan leader moammar qaddafi. he says thousands of libyans will die if the united states or nato intervene in his country. the u.s. has two warships heading toward libya. right now astronauts on the space shuttle discovery getting
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ready to complete one last spacewalk. these are live pictures from discovery. they are going to install several things on the international space station including a camera and light. discovery will be at the space station until sunday. bark down here on planet earth, we have some raindrops that we are concerned with out the door this morning, even gusty winds in the bay area. you may have heard some of that overnight. cold front is pulling through right now but lacking the moisture. you have the heavier amounts of rainfall in parts of the north bay, still seeing some rain into mill valley and san rafael, scattered showers now into san francisco. but nothing too heavy that far south. and well, it's being told pretty much the story with our rain amounts around the bay area. just trace amounts towards parts of the south bay so far over the past 24 hours. a little more further north finally getting north of the golden gate you get almost an inch of rain in san rafael and well almost that in santa rosa, as well. still more rain to be had out the door. be prepared to see some rain. it will be windy in spots throughout the morning.
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wind advisories continuing along the north coast as we still expect to see some gusts 20 to 35 miles per hour. this afternoon, becoming more widely scattered showers around the bay area. you will sneak in a lot of sunshine in between to leave the sunglasses with you heading out the door but yeah it is going to be a little wet at times. this system making its way on through the bay area. we'll continue to move on out, although we have this whole trough sitting out here so that's going to mean things will stay unsettled looks like through tomorrow as well so a chance of some more scattered showers but nothing really well organized, scattered showers in the afternoon and sunny breaks to go along with that. with that in mind temperatures will be running mainly in the 50s and 60s in san jose and into fremont and looking out over the next few days, still staying wet as we have a brief break come friday but you have some weekend plans? got a few more raindrops heading our way looks like late in the day possibly on saturday. more rain expected on sunday. all right. let's get a traffic check from elizabeth. >> all right. you know we're dealing withstanding water this morning. let's go out to marin where we
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often see it. it starts to flood. minor flooding just so far around the lucky drive exit. you know it if you commuted northbound southbound 101 to corte madera. a lot of cars making splashes. rain really coming down now on 101 as you head towards the golden gate bridge. rain and some strong winds, as well. let's go to our maps. in fact, chp just issued a new wind advisory. this one now for the dumbarton bridge. traffic getting by okay there near paseo padre parkway exit towards the dumbarton bridge toll plaza but we have high wind advisories in effect now for three bridges. dumbarton bridge, san mateo bridge, and right here at the bay bridge toll plaza. i have wet this morning. no -- very wet this morning. no standing water approaching the pay gates in the middle lanes. more live traffic cameras and sensors. top speeds this morning up and down the nimitz freeway. 63, 66, 67 miles per hour.
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towards the coliseum, everything is moving fine northbound and southbound on 880. 15 minutes between hayward macarthur maze. in the south bay no major hot spots this morning. no big accidents. use mass transit. give yourself some extra time. we have chopper 5 now tracking any hot spots that we do find across the bay area. let's go to chopper 5. they are live near the castro valley y showing you traffic on 580 approaching the 238 interchange. so far, so good towards oakland. thank you, chopper 5. if anything changes, remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is weather and traffic. back to you. >> thank you. apple is expected to unveil the ipad two later this morning. that announcement at the yerba
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buena center for the arts in san francisco. the building is decked out with a huge apple logo surrounded by dozens of colorful dots. with the breakdown of today's event let's go to kara tsuboi with us here on the cbs sofa to tell us all about what we can expect or what you -- do you know anything about it? >> good morning. >> reporter: in typical apple fashion we know nothing about this event. we simply know it has a number 2, that could be for march 2. and it has the ipad. this is the original. >> i was going to say. if you had the real mccoy? >> no, not the inside pipeline to steve jobs. this is the original. and so everyone is expecting the second version to be unveiled. >> what are they talking about what they think will be on the new version? >> they are talking about perhaps a camera on both sides similar to the iphone 4 so you can do the face time, the back- to-back video conferencing chat. also, they are expecting a slimmer sleeker design. i mean, apple is known for its industrial design. it's already pretty -- >> looks nice, sleek and slim.
5:22 am
>> could get thinner. >> is it marketing genius? i just got an ipad 1. now i have to get an ipad 2. they must already know what the ipad 3 is going to look like hey, six months a year down the road. they will get everyone to buy another one. >> absolutely. apple has a strict release cycle so the last one was announced last january released in april. so it makes sense that the second would come out now but i have heard that the second grade version upgrades may not be significant. people are saying to wait until the third one comes out to buy another one. >> did you hear that honey? [ laughter ] >> it seems to be the year of the tablet because i mean, apple has some competition. >> right. the year of the tablet. this did come out in 2010. but since it did come out, the market has been flooded with imitators copycats, people trying to keep up. i mean, apple held on to close to 100% of the market last year. >> my wife is not a big computer person. she has a laptop and it's a pain to get her to go upstairs and blah blah blah unless you take it all over the place. i don't think she has been on
5:23 am
the laptop. we are looking for a place to live? i found this great thing on the ipad! >> totally. >> i have to ask you. a lot of people really concerned about steve jobs' health. what are you hearing? do you think they'll be at this event? >> now what's interesting i read some reports that it makes big news if he shows up and if he doesn't, as well. they don't want him to detract from the ipad 2 but at the same time people want to see investors want to see that he is alive and somewhat healthy. but now what it's like. every time you see -- you know what it is like. every time you see him he looks more and morgan in pictures. it more gaunt. >> what time? >> 10:00 pacific, 1:00 eastern and cnet will be live blogging the whole event so tune into their website. >> the next time you're hear, you will have an ipad 2? >> mow problems. [ laughter ] >> still enjoying the first one? >> very much so.
5:24 am
>> great stuff. thank you very much, kara tsuboi from cnet. a high-tech heist in silicon valley. what the thieves didn't realize about the stolen equipment. >> plus, treat yourself to some facebook therapy. why researchers say the social network can do wonders for your self-esteem. that's all coming up. stay right there. ,,,,,,
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area for years: 15 gunmen stormed into a high-tech company and made off with a there hasn't been a robbery like this in the bay area in years. 15 gunmen storm into a high- tech company and make off with a truckload of computer equipment. it happened sunday morning at unigen in fremont. they make memory modules for computers. police station say a men cut a hole in the fence and went into the loading dock where they tied up employees in the back room. they loaded up a truck with goods and took off. police say the thieves knew what they wanted. but -- but they may have a little trouble selling the equipment. >> i really think these are mostly components tharpe not going to be bought by apple or or hewlett-packard and overseas vendors aren't likely to buy from them. >> there is security video not
5:28 am
being released just yet. well, it is 5:27. are you feeling a little down today? check your facebook page. a new study shows looking at your profile can give you a quick ego boost. don't know if we need that in this business. researchers at cornell university studying 63 students each of them given a computer in a university lab. some were on facebook, some were turned off, others had a mirror propped up against the screen. the students on facebook gave more positive feedback about themselves. so go ahead, like our cbs 5 facebook page because you just heard it's good for you. >> check it out. okay. it is 5:28 on a very wet wednesday. yeah. let's take a look at hi-def doppler. lawrence showing us his doppler this morning. tracking the soggy and windy storm, plus we'll have traffic update from the kcbs phone force. and rain is starting to pick up out here on the
5:29 am
roadways, coming up next, we'll show you some of the potential trouble spots for your morning commute. and day 2 of the federal investigation into the san bruno pipeline blast. the bombshell that pg&e official dropped yesterday and what's on tap today. plus, supporters of gay marriage get a new ally in the fight over prop 8. the new push to allow same-sex weddings to resume when we come back. stay right there. ,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, everybody thanks so much for joining us. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:32. if you don't like stormy weather, wet wind, all that kind of stuff, pull the covers back over your head! thank lawrence has the weather. gusty winds but the storm falling apart. we are seeing heavy rain in parts of the north bay now. you can see most of the moisture in this direction, not much towards san jose. giving you a closer look now scattered showers in through san francisco. also in toward berkeley. the heaviest amounts really north of the golden gate bridge. so the storm winding down somewhat as the main cold front
5:33 am
is moving on by right now. then after that looks like it's becoming much more scattered showers. so not a complete washout for today. we are going to sneak some sunshine in behind this cold front so really it looks like if you get to sleep in longer, you're doing well. you have some cloudy conditions, wet as well and windy in spots. seeing gusts 20 to 35 miles per hour. as we look toward the afternoon, skies going to part just a bit. we'll sneak in some sunshine and a couple of clouds, chance of scattered light showers but definitely not a washout around the bay area. temperatures running in the 50s and 60s by the afternoon. all right. let's check out those roadways this morning with elizabeth. a little busy out there. >> it is busy. the good news, we haven't seen any big accidents but yeah, we have seen a lot of standing water some downed trees reported earlier through the santa cruz mountains and we have wind advisories. here's a live look at 880 through oakland. you can see past the coliseum things are moving along okay. i just checked before i came on air, still 15 minutes between hayward, 238, towards the macarthur maze. you can see there the coliseum
5:34 am
in the distance. so far, so good on your ride through oakland. but mass transit would be a great option this morning. bart, ace, muni metro, everything right now no delays so stay off the roads altogether. i wouldn't advise a trip up to the sierra right now but we want to show you this live look at interstate 80 near truckee. trains are required on interstate 80, highway 50 and 88 and want to show you this great looking shot from caltrans of all those big rigs getting their chains on towards tahoe. that's a check of traffic. back to you. >> thank you. you want to track the storm yourself? just log on to and click on weather. you can check out the hi-def doppler in your neighborhood. and the wet weather is already causing some flooding in the north bay. anne makovec is in marin county where drivers are dealing with slip very roads. good morning. you're at a place that's notorious for flooding.
5:35 am
>> reporter: that's right. lucky drive north and southbound sides, minor road flooding because the area is just below sea level. you can see the cars there about to splash right through it. yeah. there is danger when it comes to that of hydroplaning. and there is a sign a little south of where i'm standing right now that's telling drivers to slow down and that the road might indeed be flooded. but that could become a hairy part of the morning commute. i want to show you this drain right here alongside of the road and it's not necessarily a dramatic picture. but you can see all the water rushing to get through there and right now the rain is not coming down that hard. so when you have these sudden downpours, these sudden bursts of rain, a couple of which we saw overnight, that is when the pooling really becomes to be an issue here on the roads. otherwise, the winds not so bad out here. there is still a wind advisory on the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. but mainly the problem is the rain and how it comes down so quickly all at once on the
5:36 am
road. so slow down out there. th
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